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We have many options to create artwork with Good Luck characters on a wall scroll or portrait.
If you want to create a cool Good Luck wall scroll, this is the place. Below you will find a few Asian symbols that express the idea of good luck.

  1. Good Luck / Good Fortune

  2. Good Luck

  3. Opportunity / Good Luck

  4. Lucky / Auspicious

  5. Destiny / Fate

  6. House of Good Fortune

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Good Luck / Good Fortune

Good Luck / Good Fortune Scroll

福 is pronounced "fu" in Chinese.

The character "fu" is posted by virtually all Chinese people on the doors of their homes during the Spring Festival (closely associated with the Chinese New Years).

One tradition from the Zhou Dynasty (beginning in 256 B.C.) holds that putting a fu symbol on your front door will keep the goddess of poverty away.

福 literally means good fortune, prosperity, blessed, happiness, and fulfillment.

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Good Luck

xìng yùn
kou un
Good Luck Scroll

This can be translated as "good luck", "fortunate", "lucky" and/or "good fortune" in Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Occasionally, this is also translated as a type of happiness or a short way to write serendipity.

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Opportunity / Good Luck

jī yù
Opportunity / Good Luck Scroll

機遇 is the kind of opportunity that comes via good luck or good fortune.

機遇 is sometimes translated as "stroke of good luck".

While there are other ways to express "opportunity", I think this version is best for a calligraphy wall scroll or portrait.

Note: In Korean Hanja, this would also mean "Meeting someone under strange circumstances".

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Lucky / Auspicious

Lucky / Auspicious Scroll

A simple way to express the state of being lucky.

Also used in conversation to hope that all is well with someone. 吉 is more often seen as part of a compound word with a lucky association (especially in Korean).

Not as often used in Japanese but still means "good luck" but can also mean "joy" in Japanese.

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Destiny / Fate

yùn mìng
un mei
Destiny / Fate Scroll

These two characters contain the ideas of "fate", "destiny", "fortune" and "luck" in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

運命 is often defined as "a person's fate" or "personal fate" in various dictionaries.

These two characters can be reversed (written in either order) and yield roughly the same meaning.

This particular character order happens to be more common in old Korean and less common in modern Chinese.

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House of Good Fortune

fú zhái
House of Good Fortune Scroll

Perhaps the Chinese equivalent of "This blessed house" or perhaps "home sweet home".

This phrase literally means "Good fortune house" or "Good luck household". It makes any Chinese person who sees it feel that good things happen in the home in which this calligraphy is hung.

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Many custom options...

House of Good Fortune Scroll
House of Good Fortune Scroll
House of Good Fortune Scroll
House of Good Fortune Scroll

And formats...

House of Good Fortune Vertical Portrait
House of Good Fortune Horizontal Wall Scroll
House of Good Fortune Vertical Portrait

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