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I've been activated for the COVID-19 emergency.
I'm working up to 15 hours per day, side-by-side with FEMA and OES personnel to get the Pfizer vaccine into as many arms as possible.
I spend my day speaking Mandarin Chinese as I interpret for U.S. residents who speak Chinese, but struggle with English. -Gary.

Oriental Outpost Door

Front Door of an Oriental Outpost Asian Art Exhibition.
...Back in the good 'ole days of 2008.

North American Office, Photo Studio & Shipping Location:

Oriental Outpost
9628 Campo Road Suite V
Spring Valley, CA 91977

Please make an appointment if you want to come by. “We come, we ship, we shoot photos, we leave.” No regular business hours.
If you are wondering, yes, I did move the gallery in May of 2014. It was a great 10 years in the art community of North Park, San Diego, California. The gallery rent just got too expensive. Gentrification is great for some, but I could not afford a sudden 32% increase in 2014.

All of the wall scrolls are mounted at the workshop in Beijing.
If you are coming to China, you can drop off your project for custom wall scroll to be built around your artwork.

Quick Question? Text me at: 1.619.777.8655
Note: If you try to call, it's not guaranteed that you'll reach me. I might be on a flight to China, on a train to Inner Mongolia, or in a secure military facility.
I can answer texts and emails from almost anywhere, but can't always take calls, or get a voice mail.

I'm the only member of my staff who natively speaks English, so I'm the entire customer service department.
By not having someone paid to answer the phone all day, I save you a lot of money (by keeping prices low).